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  • Is the bible really the word of God? How do you know for sure?
  • Is the bible perfect, or does it contain mistakes, obscenity and alterations?
  • Who wrote the bible, and when? How do we really know?
  • Does God ever command people to kill children?
  • Does the bible say something in one place, and the opposite in another place?
  • Does the bible say that people are condemned to hell just for what they think?
  • Does the bible say that you should kill people who think differently than you?
  • How do you really know that Jesus ever lived?
  • If Jesus did live, how do you know he wasn't just an ordinary man?
  • Was America really founded on the Christian religion?
  • Does the bible specifically forbid abortion, or doesn't it?
  • How certain are you that God doesn't exist only in your imagination?
  • Aren't your beliefs about religion simply how you wish the world really was?

My Message:
It's okay if you don't believe in a god or the bible!
You are not alone.

It's okay to admit that it's stupid!

You have the right to express your honest thoughts.

Be honest and speak up!

You don't have to go along with the crowd.
You don't have to pretend to believe in silly fairy tales and an invisible man in the sky! Those thoughts are delusional, and it's okay that we admit that.



FACT: The bible was not handed down to us through the ages as a whole, perfect and congruous body of text.

Ordinary men decided which books would make up the bible and which should be trashed-- by voting, at Laodicea in 365: a few books were included that would later be omitted, and the Book of Revelation was rejected. Revelation made it in at the Council of Carthage in 397, but the Book of Lammentations was out. Things were still being argued as late as 629. Protestants did not decide on which books should be in their bibles until 1647, at Westminster. Do you seriously call that "holy"? REF

FACT: Since its inception, Christianity has waged a campaign of intimidation, confiscation, torture and murder in order to silence contrary opinions.

This (and Constantine making Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire) is one of the reasons why the Church has held on to to the position of power for two thousand years-- not because it's true. It isn't true. REF

FACT: Church fathers (and the bible itself) say that its okay to lie in order to increase the power of the Church.

That would be Bishops Eusebius, Heliodorous and Synesius-- and Paul in Romans 3:17. Parts of the bible were altered or forged. REF

FACT: The bible is not a revelation to Humankind. Revelation is limited to the first person only, to whom the revelation was made.

If someone writes a book about what he claims was a revelation to him, it is only secondhand hearsay to the rest of us. We have to take his word for it. REF

FACT: There were many historians living during the time of Jesus-- but none of them mentioned him, his miracles or the any of the unique events in the gospels.

That's right-- not one. Nothing was written about Jesus during his alleged lifetime or shortly thereafter. The gospels were written 40 to 100 years after the time of the crucifixion by people who wanted to start a new religion. If Jesus lived, nobody noticed. REF

FACT: The authorship of the majority of the books of the bible is unknown.

Moses did not write the first five books of the Old Testament. The names of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John were attached to Greek gospels by the early Church fathers. The bible is a collection of myths, laws and embellished histories of the Isrealites (for the Old Testament) and the teachings of a new religion (for the New Testament). REF

FACT: There were many "Messiah" figures which predate the Jesus story, that are built upon the same pattern of a virgin birth, miracles, healing, capture, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.

Early Church fathers knew about the dozen earlier messiahs, and said that "Satan created these stories before the coming of Jesus, in order to confuse people". Christ was just one of many common mythological cult figures. REF

FACT: The bible was written in the earliest days of man's ignorance.

People didn't know anything yet. Humanity thought the world was flat, and that disease, hurricanes, earthquakes, thunder and droughts were all caused by gods. It is unbelievable that primitive man guessed wrongly about everything else, but knew "the truth" about the origin of life. It is more believable that god(s) were invented by primitive people for the following reasons:

  • to explain natural events that they couldn't understand
  • they had an inability to cope with their fears of a death that was final and absolute
  • they had a need to provide enforceable laws with divine penalties
  • they had a child-like need to feel watched over and protected by a loving, powerful father-figure
  • religion provided a means of gaining power and income to those who controlled it. REF
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Why am I calling the Bible trash? Because in spite of it being advertised as the "Good Book" and full of truth--- the bible is neither good, nor true. Believers don't read it with an honest objective mind, and refuse to acknowledge what I'm talking about. Somebody famous once said that the bible has almost as many mistakes as it has words. It is filled with thousands of errors, contradictions, and outright nonsense. Time and time again it has proven to be false. But religious people refuse to accept this, because it's not what they want. "The Truth" is that bible is ridiculous-- full of the most foolish absurdities. It has no place in the modern world. Keep reading, and I'll prove it to you.

The bible promotes what is worst about humanity. God commands and rewards murder on the largest scale imaginable (innocent women, elderly, children and even babies). Moses and Joshua, following God's orders, slaughtered more people than Hitler. The God of the bible commands and rewards theft, lying, slavery, rape, human sacrifice, murder and genocide. The bible upholds every vice and every injustice. It is cruel, intolerant, ignorant and violent. There is no book in the world more obscene, more morally repugnant, more evil, than the bible. Don't believe me? Then read on!

What about all the good things in the bible? Sure, the bible has a few good sayings-- but these were said by others first. Laws similar to "Thou shalt not kill" are found in every nation, in every age. But just because someone says: "Love your neighbor" on Friday doesn't make it okay that he said: "Kill people different from you" on Monday. The bible has Christians so confused that they can no longer tell the difference between murder and justice. Some people say that the bible isn't meant to be taken literally, but that it still serves as a moral and spiritual guide. Are you kidding? The bible as a spiritual guide for America? No way! The bible is wrong for America.

The bible is a boring chronicle of things that never happened. Yes, some of the towns and kings mentioned in the bible really existed, but so what? Towns and kings were "current events" when the biblical texts were written. If we wrote a book today about the United States, that Barack Obama was president in 2010, and that he walked on water and made dead people rise from the grave, well, some of that would be true, and some of it wouldn't. Just because the book is right about some things doesn't make the whole book true. It proves nothing.

Do you want to know what I'm talking about? You should start reading THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BIBLE, and then read the rest of the articles below.

Does this page offend you? Then you have the freedom to leave--- isn't this a great country! I will fight for your right to keep your belief in your god and speak your mind. Will you fight for my right not to believe in any gods and speak my mind too?

Want to help? Link this site to yours. Spread the word about BIBLETRASH.COM. Join a local or national organization. And SPEAK YOUR MIND when the subject of religion come up!

Do I take the bible out of context?

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